Mythra is a tax boutique law firm that will assist you with any tax matter, preventive through pre-action advice, assistance with negotiations, rulings and staff and management trainings, and through traditional legal practice such as administrative and judicial proceedings and investigations in the field of ordinary and criminal tax law.

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Advice, planning, ruling
and voluntary disclosure

Every personal and business decision has a tax impact. Mythra assists you in identifying these tax consequences and to optimize them, to allow you to focus on your strengths.

Tax procedure

In order to be successful in tax court proceedings, a profound knowledge of tax procedures is a prerequisite. Mythra has the unique ability to combine in-depth expertise in both substantive tax law and procedural tax rules and regulations.

Estate planning and
family-owned businesses

Everyone has questions regarding planning his or her estate. Those questions are not answered solely on the basis of knowledge and rationale, but also on the basis of family values and emotions. Only then estate planning can bring peace of mind.

Entrepreneurship and reward

Important occasions within your company always have tax consequences, whether you want to start your own business, or are thinking of a merger, acquisition or a closing. Mythra focuses on the tax aspects of entrepreneurship, so you can focus on being an entrepreneur.

Partner in tax law for
other service providers

If you are a legal professional or if you are active in the numerical professions, you may from time to time be confronted with tax questions that are outside of your comfort zone. In that case, you can entrust Mythra with the tax aspects of your file with the fullest of confidence.

Specific sectors

Taxation of the social profit and public sectors differs greatly from traditional corporate taxation. Similarly, the tax aspects of real estate, IT, technology and innovation require an in-depth specialization. Mythra has ample experience in these matters and will gladly assist you with any tax matter.


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