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Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast and would you like an indication on whether or not your gains would be taxed if you were to sell your cryptocurrency today?

Through 15 questions, this free and online tool gives you the answer. No registration needed!

This tool is intended for private individuals that are subject to tax in Belgium.

1/15. How many years have you been investing in cryptocurrency?
2/15. What is the frequency with which you are investing in cryptocurrency?
3/15. Which of the below strategies are most applicable to you when you invest in cryptocurrency?Hover over the different options to get an explanation
4/15. Do you mine cryptocurrency yourself, through your own mining rig, through a mining pool or otherwise?
5/15. Do you buy and/or sell cryptocurrency through an automated process / via automated software?
6/15. Are you currently engaged in a professional activity?
7/15. Have you invested in a cryptocurrency saving fund?
8/15. Are you active in a field that is closely linked to software?e.g. a software engineer
9/15. Are you active in a field that is closely linked to finance?e.g. a banker or stock broker
10/15. Are you an active and outspoken member in the cryptocurrency community?e.g. through a personal blogpost, through forums, through lectures and alike
11/15. Are you only investing in cryptocurrency, or also in other, more ‘mainstream’ investments to diversify your investment portfolio?e.g. real estate, stock (funds) or gold
12/15. Do you protect your cryptocurrency?e.g. through a hardware wallet
13/15. Are you borrowing other people’s money to invest in cryptocurrency?
14/15. Are you investing only for yourself or also for other people?
15/15. If you were to sell all your cryptocurrency today, what is the total market value of your cryptocurrency?

Are you ready for the results?

To get your results, please click “accept and submit” and confirm that you understand that this tool and its result are general and indicative only, and may not accurately forecast your tax position. This free tool is not and should not in any way be interpreted as tax or legal advice. Mythra CVBA will not accept any liability for the use of this tool.

By clicking “accept and submit”, you agree that Mythra CVBA collects the data you have submitted through this form and retains the data until your explicit request to remove the data through info@mythra.be.

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