Mythra is all about tax.

10 lawyers, 99 years of experience and an average age of just under 35.

We have been at work in local law firms as well as the largest international law firms. We have had the honour of working alongside some of the most skilled and reputed tax practitioners. We have had the pleasure of working with small town entrepreneurs as well as global corporations.

Inspired by this unique background, and leveraging on our tax knowledge and expertise, the Mythra team has come together believing that you can render high quality tax services, with a focus on the client, at an affordable cost.

This approach proves successful. Our number has grown exponentially since our journey began. And so has our ‘satisfied client’ portfolio.

Mythra means “companion”. And that is exactly who we want to be, both for our colleagues and our professional relations.

We guarantee full confidentiality when reviewing your application.

Our new colleague

A challenge, a change or an opportunity if you ever needed one!

You have been working at your firm for several years now. You are not really dissatisfied, but there is something missing and you cannot quite put your finger on it.

It’s not that you don’t work enough. But maybe you want to be challenged more.

Or you need a change? You love your colleagues. In fact, they are probably the main reason for staying put. But why not a fresh perspective?

Or you want to up your tax game, and see how far your ambition can really take you?

At Mythra, challenges and change are plenty. And opportunities too.

Our biggest challenge is harnessing our growth. People like our story. Clients commend our approach. And to keep this good thing going, we need more resources.

We understand the importance of connectivity. So, we invest in the right hard- and software.
We want food for thought. So, we invest heavily in learning and knowledge.
We understand that we are in a people business. So, we invest in our network.
We are not blind to the fact that it is the client who makes everything possible. So, we invest in a trust based relationship.
We need more space. So, we are investing in a place that can house around 30.

This makes all the more sense, with the right people to build on.

People who we can make part of our expertise, our approach, our growth. And whom we can learn from ourselves.

People who like to say yes, but dare to say no.

People who know what is expected from them, and like to work with people who know what you expect from them. People who want to exceed expectations, or to have their own expectations exceeded.

Someone like you?

Sophie is waiting for your CV @ With or without a motivation. This is up to you.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or would like more information.

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Bittersweet moment last Wednesday when I had to say goodbye to my colleagues at Mythra Advocaten – Avocats – Lawyers. I experienced a wonderful month of working and learning, all while having fun doing so. I wanted to be submerged in a law firm, gaining experience first-handedly. Even more than I anticipated, they genuinely engaged me in their day to day workflow. From drafting a notice of objection and helping with estate planning to looking up general information about tax issues. Instead of considering me as a student for getting the coffee, they treated me like one of their peers. They gave me the feeling of really contributing to the firm.

After a couple of summer jobs in which I was counting down the days and hours, this time I looked forward to the next working day and having no trouble getting out of bed in the morning. The combination of those challenging cases with the unique atmosphere at Mythra made that there was never a dull moment. I’d like to thank all the people of Mythra for giving me this opportunity.

Lars Bevernaegie – 2019 summer intern