Mythra organizes a series of seminars on liability of those active in the numerical professions in cooperation with Group S

After a first well received series of seminars on dawn raids, Group S and Mythra join forces again this spring.

In these new series of seminars, Sophie Lippens of Mythra will give you useful tips and tricks to limit your liability as a professional active in the numerical professions. There is indeed a growing concern regarding liability amidst those active in the numerical professions, and with reason. Tax rules and regulations are becoming more complex. An error in judgement can have serious repercussions. Advisors are held personally liable more often by both clients and the authorities. Moreover, several bills have been introduced to impose more severe penalties to those advisors that propose ‘aggressive tax planning’. Advisors are also being confronted with stringent rules on liability relating to the notification duty pursuant to the law on the continuity of enterprises and anti-money laundering legislation.

Sophie will address this topic from a practical point of view. Examples that concern the following types of liability will be addressed:

  • Liability regarding professional rules of conduct
  • Civil liability
  • Criminal liability

For the second part of each seminar, Life Plan Pensionplanners will address recent topics regarding occupational pension schemes.

The full program and information on how to register can be found on the website of Group S.

Attendance is free of charge and those attending can receive an attestation from the BIBF or IAB.