Tax procedure

In order to be successful in tax court proceedings, a profound knowledge of tax procedures is a prerequisite. Mythra has the unique ability to combine in-depth expertise in both substantive tax law and procedural tax rules and regulations.


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Procedural tax law is there to protect the taxpayers. After all, it contains those rules and formalities that the tax authorities must abide with during (un)announced tax audits on the one hand, and, on the other hand, when assessing or recovering taxes. The tax lawyers of Mythra ensure the proper application of procedural tax rules and regulations.

Tax audits

A tax audit can be intimidating. When you are audited, the lawyers of Mythra are there for you and with you every step of the way. You are in good hands.

We do not only help building the substantive, technical aspects of your case, but we also ascertain whether the tax authorities stay within the limits of their powers during a tax audit.

In addition, during the past years the lawyers of Mythra have built up practical expertise in tax dawn raids, and will more particularly ensure that your fundamental rights of privacy, confidentiality of (electronic) correspondence, professional secrecy and business secrecy are respected.

Mythra also hosts seminars and conducts trainings regarding this trending topic.

Tax litigation

Tax litigation forms an essential part of the service offer of Mythra. We do not only negotiate with the tax authorities, but also litigate against the authorities during both the administrative and court phases of tax litigation.

When you are confronted with a tax dispute, the lawyers of Mythra will assist you from start to finish in finding a solution. We will often attempt to settle the case with the tax authorities, and our expertise and constructive relationship with the authorities allows for a proven track record of delivering results in this respect.

Not every case can be settled amicably, however. Over the years, we have built up a sound expertise in litigating a variety of tax matters before (inter)national courts and tribunals (income taxes, VAT, registration duties, inheritance tax, European and international tax law etc.). Attention is paid to recent trends in (inter)national case law and administrative practice.

Prior to initiating court proceedings, Mythra will inform you on the probability of success in a transparent manner. This will allow you to take a well-informed decision on whether or not to litigate.

In addition to civil matters, Mythra also assists taxpayers during investigations into tax fraud and criminal prosecution.

Criminal tax law

In the practice of tax law, criminal tax law is a very specific niche. Also in the field of criminal tax law, Mythra can evidence a proven track record.

When an investigation into tax fraud is imminent, we will assess your position and will attempt to mitigate where possible.

Mythra also assists taxpayers during investigations into tax fraud and/or money laundering charges and will defend you before criminal court.

Anti-money laundering

The European and Belgian rules on money laundering are becoming increasingly complex and entail more and more duties and responsibilities. AML preventive measures, the ‘know-your-customer’-rules in particular, have resulted in an increasing number of service providers – including the numerical professions and financial institutions – having to verify the identity, activities and sources of revenue of their clientele.

If you are obliged to apply the AML know-your-customer-rules, then Mythra tax lawyers will assist you with implementing those rules. We can also assist you with any question you might have on the correct application of the preventive rules on anti-money laundering.

Moreover, the tax and criminal consequences of anti-money laundering have changed considerably in the past few years. The tax administration as well as the prosecution office have access to a growing amount of information regarding money laundering and (serious) tax fraud through the Belgian Financial Intelligence Processing Unit. Recent anti-fraud measures have led to an environment where such criminal offences are investigated and prosecuted in a faster, more targeted and more efficient manner.

When you are contemplating a company restructuring or estate planning, it may be advisable for Mythra to preliminary screen your sources of revenue.

Through a targeted due diligence the lawyers of Mythra will map any areas of focus and risks in relation to money laundering.

Tax recovery

The recovery of taxes is an essential step of procedural tax law and entails the process that the tax administration must follow in order to a.o. recover taxes that are due. Mythra guards over due process in recovery matters and ensures your rights as a taxpayer are respected in this regard. Indeed, the tax administration avails of a wide array of methods to ensure recovery, from precautionary measures such as precautionary seizure or garnishment and mortgage registration, to executory measures. The tax lawyers of Mythra can assist you during the entire recovery process.

For example, did you know that in certain circumstances tax debts of the taxpayer may be recovered from his or her spouse , company, organization, trading partner or guarantor? Or what if you are no(t) (longer) able to pay your taxes?

In such cases Mythra tax lawyers can assist as well, in order to come to an amicable and equitable solution in dialogue with the tax administration. We have ample experience in negotiating instalment plans, suspension of payment of tax, a waiver of late-payment interest or even, if certain conditions are met, an indefinite stay from the recovery of taxes.

Mythra helps you to sort out these precarious situations so you can continue to focus on your strengths.


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