Mythra is an association of tax lawyers located in Aalst, Belgium. Mythra has three partners (David Mussche, Sophie Lippens and Hendrik Putman), one counsel (Kurt Demeyere), two associates (Ewout Burssens and Laura Van Lembergen and a management assistant (Daisy De Bruyn). In order to assist you in the best possible manner, the lawyers of Mythra are highly specialized in tax law. Mythra can assist you in any tax matter, from pre-action advice to court proceeding and from corporate income tax to VAT.

The name “Mythra” embodies our philosophy. “Mythra” comes from the Old-Iranian language and means “companion”. The lawyers of Mythra accompany you, guide you, through the Belgian tax labyrinth and make sure you can have peace of mind and concentrate on the matters that are important to you.

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